• Alki'lir


    A terrifyingly efficient dragonborn mercenary.
  • Allicad, the Housecarl

    Allicad, the Housecarl

    Lord Amols' skillful bodyguard
  • Ancient


    An ancient wizard with a hatred for the gods.
  • Anna Slazmir

    Anna Slazmir

    A mystic fey oracle held captive in the abyss
  • Baron Teyselet

    Baron Teyselet

    A weak, corrupt ruler with no right to rule.
  • Blan Vlastir

    Blan Vlastir

    An Elder Black Dragon who lives in the underdark.
  • Bloodreaver


    A mercenary with truly epic skills. Worships orcus, although isn't part of the cult.
  • Borgar, Housecarl

    Borgar, Housecarl

    A brutal barbarian with a hatred for undead.
  • Cane White

    Cane White

    The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of The Notis Empire
  • Christina


    She is a tough woman who managed to manage a successful business despite of her gender
  • Claeme Norsgar

    Claeme Norsgar

    A hobgoblin warlord with a firm grasp of srategy.
  • High Warmaster Ammet

    High Warmaster Ammet

    The Brutal and Efficient Hobgoblin Master of War
  • Jankeen, Human housecarl

    Jankeen, Human housecarl

    A quick witted survivor who serves as a housecarl in the Notis Empire.
  • Kaleth


    He will kill and burn for the hell of it.
  • Kilan-shad'r


    A massive Elder Red Dragon who rules over humanoids
  • Klee-Moyet


    The spirit that embodies the great forest
  • Lady Talia

    Lady Talia

    The lady of Lord Amols court, she is a striking elven woman.
  • Lord Amol

    Lord Amol

    Lord of Teyymir hold, a truly terrifying individual.
  • Lord Ankileer

    Lord Ankileer

    A lord who is famous for his acceptance
  • Lord Ronitt

    Lord Ronitt

    A competent mayor with a famous temper.
  • Lord Teylament

    Lord Teylament

    A shrewd, Intelligent half-elf who clawed his way up to power.
  • Milar


    High Wizard of lord Annikleers court.
  • Noseka Metalbeard

    Noseka Metalbeard

    A Dwarven Lord who has very good relations with humans.
  • Ragnar, Housecarl

    Ragnar, Housecarl

    A housecarl slain in brutal combat with a demon
  • Ralen Cenhoff

    Ralen Cenhoff

    A hobgoblin war beast.
  • Scelerat


    One of the things in the dark...
  • Sharlikeen the Liche king

    Sharlikeen the Liche king

    An ancient and tortured soul rejected by the gods themselves.
  • Slaz-Mikir


    A recently freed Elder Silver Dragon
  • Te' Mulei

    Te' Mulei

    A kindly old man with a love for nature.
  • Zekeelorev


    The leader of perhaps the largest cult of Orcus in the Notis Empire
  • Zudagog, Orcish Warlord

    Zudagog, Orcish Warlord

    A ruthless orcish warlord with legendary brutality.