A terrifyingly efficient dragonborn mercenary.


Health 73

AC 26
Reflex 16
Fortitude 19
Will 15

Strength 25
Constitution 21
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 11
Charisma 17
Dexterity 16


+8 vs AC
1d8 + str

brute Strike
3W damage


He was born in a land unknown to the races of man and elf, on the other side of the great sea. He was a soldier in the armies of the draconic empire, but as it fell he refused to fall with it. He became a mercenary, traveling aimlessly and fighting for anyone who would pay him. His prowess earned him a lot of respect and a lot of enemies. He was pushed to the outer towns to make himself a living. He is fiercly attached to his friends, and as he lost his entire draconic family he refuses to lose this new one he has found in the players, including Shauna, Ukrorth and wrath. His new family also includes Ragnar, Housecarl, who was in his mercenary company when he still wandered the world. Many people know Alki’lir, and he has many connections.

He has fought long and hard, and has became a true master of war. Just as he became a paragon of his species, he struck a pact with a powerful astral entity. This gave him incredible power in exchange for helping hurt the followers of Orcus. He is now even more powerful than before, and fights with a passion for what he believes.


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