High Warmaster Ammet

The Brutal and Efficient Hobgoblin Master of War


He rose to prominence through military prowess. He started as a mere foot soldier, but worked his way up eventually to a minor general. But it was in the Second Great War that he truly proved himself. The campaign so far had been disastrous so far, the enraged humans
defeating army after army. But Ammet recruited some nearby hillsmen from tribes and led they massive larger enemy force into the uncrossable mountains. Then the hillsmen brought his men to the tops of the peaks and they poured down upon they enemy from all sides. It was total chaos and the enemy army broke within minutes. Legends say only 4 men escaped that battle.

After that he was quickly promoted, and then beat the old warmaster and took his title. Since his appointment, the war has been turning slowly back to the hobgoblins favor.

High Warmaster Ammet

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