The Notis Empire

The great Notis Empire is the only current large cohesive group of humans, except for some savage mountain tribes. Humans have barely scraped by, and as their farming technology is fairly rudimentary, they have had to make repeated forays into the great forest that surrounds large swathes of the empire. On the other side are massive uncrossable mountains filled with giants and savage tribes. With no other choice, the empire has been forced to expand into the hostile and deadly forests to feed their people and acquire more resources. It quickly becomes clear that the forests used to be a massive empire of non-humans, as magical and dangerous ruins are being found in the farther reaches of the forest.

The humans currently struggle with many enemies, namely The Hobgoblins and The Cult of Orcus. The humans have been winning the war recently, although High Warmaster Ammet has been turning the tide. They took the advantage in the 4th great war, were they crushed a hobgoblin attack force with powerful magic and completed their massive wall.

The Cult of Orcus is also quite a danger to humans, and it has attacked them and their Dwarves allies many times. Head on wars against the cult of orcus are nigh-impossible as they are not a cohesive army, merely a group of like-minded individuals. The Empire has instead turned to small groups of elite adventurers to hunt down and kill smaller groups one by one. This is fairly effective, but will they be able to kill the cultists before Orcus returns and the world is destroyed?

There allies include the Dwarves, and adventurers like Alki’lir. They are a bastion of light and civilization in a world currently drowned by chaos and uncertainty.

The Notis Empire was founded during the fall of the draconic empire. As they fell, the humans and hobgoblins were the quickest to act, claiming large swathes of territory. Only recently have the older races finally started to claim their empire. They clash with the humans often, and the Elves and the Hobgoblins often see the humans as a new empire who don’t know how to govern the land they control. The other races see the rise of the cult of orcus as the fault of the weak humans.

The Notis Empire

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